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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 SG

Heeeeello everyone.
Long time no blog eh???
Ok so as some of you might know, I went for BB Alive SG yesterday!!!
And uhh yeah. Everything was super unprepared and quite last minute.
Went over to Lim's house at like 10 the previous night with all my material and yeah.
Made my fanboard, made my "crown lightstick", made my crown hairband.
Then yeah, had chicken instant noodles then went to sleep.
Woke up at like ard 9, set out at ard 1030.
Reached Stadium at about 11, stumbled around for a while bc lost and then we got into the queue.
Quite a lot of people in front of us, but at the end also got a lot a lot a lot of people behind us.
So we were queuing for quite long la...
Made friends with the two people in front of me hahaha.
Okay sorry queuing time very boring.
Except for this once right, we had to squeeze to make space for more people right, then after that there was this whole group who left their stuff there and then we didn't know what to do.
I tell you right, if I was the security guard I'd take all their stuff and place it out of the queue.
I mean hello excuse me aren't you guys the ones who said no reservations and stuff?
Then halfway queuing right, those people who left their bags there just happily plop back into the queue.
You have no idea how many people were staring at them.
No hmm I don't think staring is the right word.
I'm not sure about the others... But I'm pretty sure I was pretty much like this.

People cutting queues in front of me is part of my list of pet peeves.
I think I was going to do a blog post about this quite a while back because a group of assholes cut queue me in KFC but I don't really remember...
Actually I do but my memory's not that clear and I'm over it already so o_o
Okay anyway.
Then those two got out of the queue and then they moved to the front and everyone was literally was just like wtf.
That was one thing lah...
And then idk much already, cause I was half dozing off/sleeping for one part of the afternoon.
Then BB started arriving and everything and people were screaming and stuff and well I couldn't see because I was on top so..............................
Yeah okay then aiya nothing much interesting happened during queuing.
So we shall fast forward to entering the stadium ok.
The Premier East queue was split into this Y shape thing.
Then yeah so basically when me & HQ reached there was only one branch la hor.
Then at the end all 3 branches were filled with people right, but my branch was the first.
You know what the bloody assholes did?
Sorry what is the point of coming early if you're going to let others who came later go in first?
But yeah okay anyway so when I first entered right, there were, say, 10 people in front of me.
I'd attempt to draw it right now but I can't find my stylus....
Then yeah there was this annoying group of 3 girls beside me.
With bagpacks.
Want to guess what they were doing??!!?!?!!

Okay sorry what is the point.
You can't even see anything BB-related in the background except for lightsticks maybe.
They take one picture right, then they change pose and take another picture.
They change pose right, their backpacks *bump* *bump* *bump* into me.
Then they also started pushing even before the concert started.
Emm what why do you push before the concert even starts.
I mean if you want to push to the front you're going to want to be subtle and squeeze in through spots right.......
What, to get a better view of the TV screen showing an MV??
Okay yeah then I put up with them for about 10 minutes and then the concert started right.
Then I found this spot to squeeze in so... I squeezed in! :D
Proudly held up my seungri board.
Then I saw the "capsules" with all the members in them then I was like o M F G.
Okay I saw seungri first because I'm really seungri biased hahah sorry.
Then there was this point everyone started jumping so I started jumping along for a while.
And then I remembered my sprained knee mostly because it started to hurt like a bitch.
Oh and you know, there was this band playing at the top of the stage right, and then whenever the drummer idk hit the bass drum?? YOU COULD FEEL THE AIR AGAINST YOUR LEGS OMFG.
And at the beginning there was like fire and everything and it was so hot.
Like legit fire I'm not even kidding okay not like our sec 1 campfire the paper and then the torchlight no no no legit fire!!!
Watch the fancams if you don't believe me!!!
But at the beginning seungri was mostly at the other side so :-(
But I got to see daesung so that's fine!
I'm not going to narrate the whole concert bc you guys will get bored.......
So I'm just going to skip to my darling bias's solo performance <3
And actually the whole fancam series from this person when I was holding my board up lah...
And i'm actually super happy bc this person is like at the what balcony and then still can see my board leh!!!
Okay hold on ah let me find a frame of the video where you can somewhat see my board.
Crude writing bc no stylus T__T
Actually can see ard 1:23 of the vid, there's this rectangular white board and bottom left corner and the video shaking violently.
At first I heard the beginning then I was like huh simi lai de.
And then when he went to the center of stage and started going "JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP" I was like OMFG SCREW KNEE IT'S SEUNGRI I WILL JUMP so I started jumping like mad and hurt my knee like mad but oh well seungri so.
I don't know if he saw my board during this performance but I know he saw my board!!!
It was during one of the talks, he was somewhere at center of stage but I held it up anyway, then he noticed me and he gave me this ... derp-ish face omfg
It was like half a smile?
I don't know how to put it...
But on that day itself he didn't seem to be so happy...
Read a few other fans' blogposts about bbalivetour and apparently it's because sg is like top biased then seungri's cheers very soft...
So okay lah I'm glad I made a seungri board!!
Not only because I got noticed but because he can see that SG isn't totally top and gd biased.
There was this other seungri biased beside me for a while, she had this heart shape fan thing with "V.I" on it and she was wearing a panda cap hahaha.
Actually I bought a panda hat but then I didn't arrive in time lah... So... nevermind not so embarassing LOL.
Okay anyway yeah that's pretty much it for this part.
There was a part right, I forgot which, there was this china woman trying to attack me.
Like literally attack me.

So first she started pushing my head down with her arm right.
Then I thought oh ok maybe her bias is on now and she wants to cheer so I let it slide la hor.
Then after that she started digging her nails into my left shoulder and using her whole body weight to push against me for my spot.
That's not it you know.
She started kicking my knee there to make me buckle and fall.
e.g. percussionist + wrestling with joelle + used to be brown belt in taekwondo huhuhuhu
yeah then after a while I got pissed off right.
I mean if you were me you'd get pissed off right...
Some grown up woman trying to attack you for your spot.
So yup. Finally couldn't take it right, so I turned around and yelled at her.
"You how old already, still so immature? You can't see the front already so fucking squashed you still want to squeeze for fuck?"
Then quite a few people were looking at her so she stopped la.
But she had this longchamp bag right.

Doesn't this make you think that it's an innocent handbag that women use?
See these nice corners?
oo nice material so soft and flufFYy!!!!11!!!
At least wrong for her bag.
Do you know how her bag felt like?
Okay well obviously you don't, but let me photoshop something badly to show you how it felt.
I don't know if she was doing this on purpose or what but her bag kept poking into my sides and my stomach and everything lah...
So eventually I really got damn pissed off and elbowed her once in the stomach, and then she left me alone.
P.S. Apparently it's really painful when I use my elbow bc my elbow is sharp or something idk that's what people tell me sometimes
So yes. 
And also, there were 2 crazy screaming fangirls behind me.
Who were screaming into my ear.
And that really gave me a terrible headache.
So I didn't really fight back lah...
But I unleashed the fangirl in me and trust me my fangirl screaming is probably the worst you will ever hear.
I have a few types of fangirl screaming :
  1. Pterodactyl <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AybCGJzCwxk>
  2. those kind of screams those kids do like they're being brutally raped and murdered or something
  3. I don't know how to describe this one but it's just really high and is quite smooth idk like a door hinge or something idk you know that netball field thingy we have beside the ISH yeah the green wiring thingy yeah they have a door to enter that right yeah so you just like idk pull/push the door open and that's what this scream sounds like only worse
  4. the sarah style scream
  5. the yaali style scream
Yes, I can do all that.

But none of y'all will ever get to hear that unless umm the filipino family surrounding me during the concert is reading this if so hello i'm sorry i could've made you deaf
So yeah, after a while they disappeared to who knows where.
Oh and another highlight : Daesung splashing water.
He was splashing water at the VIPs, and I was getting quite tired so I wasn't really cheering that much lah.
Then a speck of water dropped into my eye and I was like WHICH BLOODY IDIO- and then I looked up and I saw Daesung and then I was like "oh"
Then the water got onto my shirt as well so I'm never washing this shirt.
Like really.
I haven't washed it and it looks gross right now.
And another thing is whenever like idk any of the members come close to the moshpit right...
Wahlau cb like human wave like that, everybody squeeze and then everybody move the the front right, then once the person gone hor, all the people at the front start using their butts to *bump bump* and push everyone back.
I mean like literally you know. It was just so majestic.
And hmm what else.
Oh, I saw Taeyang's packs up close and O M F G THEY ARE SO DEFINED

like omfg I could see the muscles like idk working and stuff and I was just so stunned like omfg taeyang muscles *o*
Hmm and another thing is seungri throwing his towel.
Apparently he was looking at my board when he threw it but somebody else caught it :-(
Hmm what else ah.
Oh yes!! one of the blonde yg dancers noticed me!!!!
I was tired and resting so I was just looking around and then she was at the side and waving at people so I waved at her and she waved and smiled at me \o/
I don't think got anything else that's special.
If I remember I'll post another post under Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 Part 2 LOL.
Overall I got noticed by pretty much all the members!! Except T.O.P.
Or at least i think I got noticed.
Because well honestly telling the truth you can't actually tell if Daesung and Taeyang are making eye contact w you or just looking in your general direction bc have you seen their eyes
Should've made a board with "seunghyun" on it bc T.O.P is choi seunghyun and Seungri is Lee Seunghyun and umm 2 birds with one stone LOL.
Actually I was going to make a double sided board, like seungri one side and top the other side but no ink :\
Oh yes overall experience.
It was bloody squeezy.
Everyone was just pushing.
And also, it was super violent.
I made a crown hairband but then somebody just straight up ripped it off.
Like I could feel the hairband scratch my scalp and the side of my head and everything and ugh if I find that bitch I will stab you.
And that china woman.
Oh and it would be best to bring earplugs.
Bc crazy screaming fangirls.
Really give you headache.
Apart from that, it was fine because I got noticed by my beloved seungri quite a number of times, got noticed by almost all of them because of my unique "Crown lightstick".
But honestly right, if you were to give me a free moshpit ticket or seated ticket, I'd choose seated.
Because honestly unless you're at the very very front of the moshpit you can't see much.
Like I was at the side right, i couldn't see the center stage at all so I had to watch the screens instead.
So yes. Moshpit is honestly not that worth it unless you're willing to queue like idk 2 days beforehand or something.
So yeah. That's my 290912 experience for you in a nutshell.
In a very big nutshell. Almost 2.5k words! :D
So yeah bye i'm tired it's 2am and I wrote 2 blogposts in a row.

P.S. If you're going to moshpit just squeeze into any tiny space you see bc I started out with like 10 people in front of me right, and in the end I squeezed until there were only 2-3 people in front of me. :D
Either that or go bulldozer mode and just push everyone aside but that will probably get you murdered.

P.P.S. The moshpit stinks.
Of sweat. Also, there was this woman who kept jumping up and down and her hair kept flicking in my face and, needless to say... it wasn't exactly an experience to dye for. (GET IT HAHAH DIE FOR DYE FOR I AM SO PUNNY NO??)

P.P.S I actually wrote this post one day after the concert itself. So yup.